Why Us

Existent since 2003, Academic Aims International is one of the top-notch educational consultants in India. We are a solution-oriented company, with a single minded approach in proving tailored solutions to suit individual profile and interest. Spread across 11 cities and 13 branches, we represent over 500 education providers from around the globe.

What Our Students Say

My association with Bridge Blue goes back to almost 8 years now. And I can safely say that I got prompt service, transparency and above all endless support from Bridge Blue team, especially Mrs Neeru Anand. I came to Australia 2 years ago, and loved every single bit of the life here, because of this amazing study abroad consultancy which ensures quality, trust and support to all its clients. 

This journey was started in Sep - 2008 with Student Visa - New Zealand. Then god knows why he gave my life so sharp turn that within a span of one month I was 8,629 Miles away form NZ, starting a new life in Canada. 

Without any hassle, with no obstacle it was not possible without you Neeru Anand, Study Abroad and Immigration


Study In Abroad

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Study in Australia

Did you know Australia has the third highest number of international students in the world behind only the United Kingdom and the United States despite having a population of only 23 million?

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Canada has consistently maintained its prestige as an attractive education hub due to a variety of factors including its global recognition and reputation, affordability, cultural exposure and abundant research opportunities

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New Zealand offers a world-class education in a postcard-perfect environment. With landscapes varying from snowy mountain ranges, steaming volcanoes and geysers, icy glaciers and rolling green hills, New Zealand is world famous for its picturesque scenery.

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Study in USA

The United States of America is located on the continent of North America. There are 50 states in the U.S. Forty-eight of the state’s form the contiguous United States. The U.S. borders on Canada to the north, and Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

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Study in U.K

When you come to the UK, you get four countries in one England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each has its own distinctive history, landscape and modern culture. And, because they're all within easy reach of one another, they're easy to explore.

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Study in Ireland

Ireland's reputation for high quality education is built on the foundation of commitment to excellence. Its world renowned universities offer internationally recognized qualifications.

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Our Mission & Vision

Set up with a vision to bring evolution in the society through transnational education, we aim at working in the best interest of our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We are focused at bridging the gap between universities and students, building and offering educational.

Our Values

Our values, like a DNA, have helped us emerge as a respected corporate citizen and a sustainably efficient organization. We do what we say and build confidence and trust by being honest to ourselves, our employees, our partners, and most importantly our customers.

Key features

We treat our employees and our customers the way in which we would want to be treated. We always act in an ethical, safe, and socially/environmentally aware manner. We are stronger together and this comes from a shared vision, a common purpose, and collaborative working