Air ticketing

Just so you don't have to go through the hassle, the moment you apply for visa, we begin efforts to identify the most cost-effective airline carrier for your travel. Once your visa is confirmed, we will provide you with a complete list of airline carriers you can choose to travel with to your study destination. By pre-planning the air travel for you, we are able to secure early bird discounts and pass on the savings to you. We understand that you are going a long way from home and may have excess luggage. This is why the list would be accompanied by the airline's maximum baggage allowance.

Student Insurance

Travel and health insurance is essential when you are about to spend such a long time overseas. We keep in touch with the registered insurance agents who have proved to be trustworthy and efficient in their work. Simple medical treatments also prove to be expensive in some countries, the overseas health insurance covers under it the expenses for hospital and other medical bills. Baggage loss is also covered if you have insured yourself with the right policy.


All universities provide on-campus accommodation. However, if one needs to save on costs, they can choose from off-campus accommodations. We have associated with a number of accommodation providers in almost every major city on the globe. You can choose from shared accommodations, private rooms and private apartments for short and long stay. They may be fully or partially furnished. You may further choose between accommodations with a meal plan inclusive of breakfast and evening meal or self-catering, where you buy or prepare your own food. We can also help arrange stay with an Indian family as a paying guest or our existing students who are already residing in that location.

Airport Pickup

To ensure smooth sailing after you land in a new country, we can help in arranging airport pickup. A chauffeur driven car arranged by university will meet you at the airport and ensure that you safely reach your arranged accommodation. The same can be arranged privately with prior notification.

Foreign Exchange

As you get done with your air-ticket, travel and health insurance, the only thing left to do is get your foreign exchange done. As you will be moving to a new place which has a different currency, keeping your bank account with required money in that currency is a must. AAIForex assists you with the foreign exchange which assures you don’t face any currency issues and can always transfer and receive money during your stay.

Job Assistance

At Academic Aims International, we give useful tips on how to find jobs abroad where they are permitted to do so. We assist in preparing professional CVs and also provide references and contacts of job agencies which may help our students to find a job. There are opportunities to earn while you study, during vacations and even post study.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Admission has been secured and visa granted. The process doesn't just end there. In all the excitement, one tends to forget other necessary details required to study abroad. We take care of planning out those important things like travel and health insurance, accommodation and all the other steps to ensure that the student settles in the new country without any difficulties. The institutes represented by us follow strict guidelines to take care of students who have come overseas and deal with any problem they might be facing in a prompt manner. They also implement Pastoral Care Programmes which ensure a nurturing environment for students. More importantly, we brief students on a number of issues such as the culture and customs followed in the new country. The cultural differences might create friction with the locals, hence they are informed regarding the appropriate behavior and decorum to be maintained there. We advise them in protocols to be followed in case of medical or other emergencies. They are also briefed on location of basic utilities, book stores and safe entertainment avenues around the campus. In summation, the pre-departure briefing is a complete informational package that will make less traveled young students self-sufficient in the new part of the world.